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All things considered, diving is amazingly safe. Nevertheless, the unexpected can happen. When it does, the outcome may hinge on just how well you are prepared. This is why we offer several courses that focus on emergency preparedness. Some of these, such as CPR & First Aid, is training everyone should have, whether they dive or not.


CPR, First Aid & O2

This award-winning program and state-of-the-art training materials make it a favorite among divers around the world. More…


Stress & Rescue Diver

A diver pops to the surface, screaming in panic. Do you know what to do? Another diver comes to you for help. His buddy is missing. What do you do now? In the Rescue course, you will learn not only how to respond but how to prevent this sort of mishap. as well as how to manage any number of stressfull scenarios More…