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KIDS GEAR EXCHANGE PROGRAM Save money on gear for your growing kids!


Keeping kids in well-fitting scuba equipment can be expensive and often impractical, considering that they might grow out of their gear in a very short time period. Properly fitting gear is vital for the comfort and safety of your young diver! That is why Just Add Water has our kid's gear exchange program for BCDs, wetsuits, fins and boots.


How It Works:


Each item that you purchase for your child (whether a BCD, wetsuit or a pair of fins or boots) will depreciate in value by 25% each year on the original purchase. For example: Say you purchase a $100 wetsuit for your child and by next season, they have grown out of it. Bring the wetsuit back to Just Add Water and we will give you $75 ($100 less 25%) to apply toward a new wetsuit. 

Keep your diver safe and comfortable all while saving money! It's a win/win!

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