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In your diving career have you ever had the chance to go over a drop-off and float into the abyss, but just as you are taking it all in your computer starts beeping to tell you to make your way up?  When the drop-off starts […]

Benefits Of Diving Nitrox

  Nitrox is quickly becoming an essential addition to your basic SCUBA certification. Diving with Enriched Air, or Nitrox as it is commonly referred to, allows you to stay underwater longer at depth – and that’s the whole reason we’re diving, right? To be underwater. […]

Protect The Ocean And Your Body

One of the most harmful things to the natural underwater environment is sunscreens.  We don't think of it, but when we swim in the water, these oils come off and settle on the coral reefs and other marine life, and in volume can almost act […]