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Ocean Creatures That Are Always Halloween Ready

Marine Life Elizabeth COMMENTS 31 Oct, 2019
Claws, spines, spikes, tentacles, and fangs. Aliens, monsters, and ghostly apparitions glowing in the night. Marine life forms have some of the best looks for Halloween—no costumes needed. From freaky fish lurking beneath the surface to creepy crawlies of the deep, meet some of the sea’s strangest and most haunting characters.

Fangtooth Fish

This aptly named fish has long, menacing fangs, but the adult fish is small, reaching only about 6 inches (17 cm) in length. It’s teeth are the largest in the ocean in proportion to body size, and are so long that the Fangtooth has an adaptation so that it can close its mouth! Special pouches on the roof of its mouth prevent the teeth from piercing the fish's brain when its mouth is closed.


The ghoulish “blobfish” a deepwater fish found off the Pacific coast of the U.S. from the Bering Sea to Southern California, can grow to about 70 cm (more than two feet) in length and eats small invertebrates.

Sarcastic Fringehead

At first glance, Sarcastic Fringeheads look like grumpy gobies, but get them riled up and they’ll reveal their true colors.  The Fringehead fish will jut out their distended jaws as far as possible, revealing razor-sharp teeth amid their brightly colored cheeks—like a Technicolor canopy of danger.


Lampreys have a unique way of feeding. They attach themselves to their host with a sucking mouth and a ring of teeth. Once they’ve latched on, they bore into it with a barbed tongue and drain its blood. Picture the double-mouthed monster from “Alien” and you have a fair idea of how it works

Goblin Shark

Everything about the Goblin Shark fish screams insanity. Its long nose gives it a hellish unicorn look. Its pink flesh makes it look like it’s got no skin. You can see how people used to believe in dragons and sea monsters when there are creatures like this out there.

Wolf Fish

Even a quick glance at an Atlantic Wolffish, and an observer knows how it earned its common name. It has very large teeth that stick out of its mouth, even when closed, giving it a ferocious appearance

Red-Lipped Bat Fish

A bizarre creature endemic to Galapagos, the red-lipped batfish walks instead of swims and looks as though it is ready for a night on the town.


When prey get close, Viperfish snatch them in their long sharp teeth.  They better be careful to not pith their own brain with those long teeth.

Skeleton Shrimp

Skeleton Shrimp have grasping legs to hang onto their surroundings as they sway with the current and use their front claws to grab their food—algae, detritus, and copepods.
New species are always being discovered, and the deeper we look, the weirder they get. Who knows what’s still lurking down there? One thing’s for sure, there are more than a few monsters waiting for us.



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