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Happy Halloween!

Elizabeth COMMENTS 19 Oct, 2018

Ocean Themed Halloween Costumes.

Halloween is just around the corner, but you don’t have a costume yet?

Here's some ideas to tell everyone what's your favorite hobby! It doesn't make difference if you are going to the party with your spouse, kid, baby, or dog because there's something for everyone :)

The Jellyfish

Think about using a sombrero, umbrella, or an umbrella hat for the body.  For the tentacles you can hang sparkly ribbon or streamers.  Then for an added touch you can add some lights for a fun nighttime effect.


Whether you buy a costume or make one yourself.  A mermaid costume is a classic ocean themed Halloween costume.

The Junior Diver *Helmet Available at Just Add Water*

Find a kid snorkel set at Just Add Water, an empty 2-liter bottle painted silver for the tank, a black sleeper for a wetsuit and a pacifier for the regulator. Viola! You have an easy and cute Junior Diver costume.

Finding Nemo Character *Hats available at Just Add Water!!*

No matter what character you decide on, everyone loves Finding Nemo.  Check out some of the Finding Nemo and other Sea Creature hats that Just Add Water has in store

Shark Costume *Hats Available at Just Add Water!!*

You can even make it a family costume!

There are shark costumes for all shapes and sizes. If going as a shark, consider yourself a conversation piece about why sharks are important and need protection.

Doggy Diver

There are even costumes for dogs!  Man’s best friend, ready to follow you everywhere.

However you choose to express yourself this Halloween, Just Add Water wishes everyone a fun and safe holiday.

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