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Reasons To Be Thankful For Being A Scuba Diver

Elizabeth COMMENTS 20 Nov, 2018

Thanksgiving is one of several days that many people from all over the world come together to enjoy each other’s company and reflect on what they are thankful for. Scuba divers have much to appreciate, and here is just a small list of things we as divers are thankful for.

1.    Getting to Travel and Explore the World

70% of the world consists of water – why only explore 30%? Diving allows us to see more of the world.  Being a diver brings you to the most unlikely of destinations; tropical paradise, ancient cenotes, historical shipwrecks, arctic ice, underwater caverns, high-altitude lakes. The opportunities for adventure are endless.

 2.     Marine Encounters

The ocean is a magical place! As soon as you submerge, your eyes will access a whole new dimension filled with marine life and biodiversity overall! Bright coral reefs, flashy invertebrates, curious marine mammals and an unbelievable array of colorful fish. Every dive is unique and there is no greater sensation than seeing a new species for the first time.

3.     The Experience of Weightlessness

Many people dream of training to be an astronaut, but only an elite few actually experience weightlessness in outer space. Divers, on the other hand, can get weightless anywhere there’s water – floating above a reef, gliding through a wreck, or hovering mid-water like a genie.  The ability to establish buoyancy and navigate the ocean so comfortably is what enables so many people of all ages and abilities to dive.

4.     An Appreciation for the Environment


Every time you dip under the ocean’s surface, you’ll learn something new! Being a scuba diver will constantly enrich your knowledge of the world that’s underwater and eventually, it’ll start changing your perception towards marine life and their behavior. You can watch underwater documentaries and read as many books as you want, but diving allows you to observe the sea firsthand and make those connections for yourself. Diving also instills a deep appreciation for the ocean and a sense of environmental stewardship to conserve and protect it.

5.     Meeting New People and Creating New Friendships

Wherever you dive, you will always be in great company.  Diving is a very social sport and offers the opportunity to connect with a multitude of people. You all share the same passion for the ocean and feel bonded with one another. No matter what you do for living, what your car looks like or what kind of friends you have, diving makes you feel connected and equal.


We at Just Add Water are thankful to have you as a dive buddy and want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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